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At Body Contouring of Las Vegas we are experts at painlessly sculpting beautiful waist lines, contouring hips and thighs and even smoothing out wrinkles from faces. Utilizing the latest in Ultrasound and Radio Frequency technologies, we are able to melt away stubborn fat, smooth out cellulite and rejuvenate your skin. Our technicians use a gentle hand-held wand applied directly to the skin to non-invasively sculpt stomachs, love handles, arms, backs, hips, legs or even remove wrinkles from your face.

See Immediate Permanent Results at the end of the 1st Treatment. 

  • Remove Body Fat Safely with No Pain, No Surgery, & No Downtime.
  • Best Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction. 
  • Clinically Proven Treatment Painlessly Reduces Inches & Removes Stubborn Fat.
  • Ultra Sound & Radio Frequency Treatments Permanently Melts the Fat Away Under Your Skin & Tightens Your Loose Skin.
  • Your Body’s Natural System Simply Eliminates the Fat from Your Body.
  • This method was actually on Oprah’s Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fat in 2011 and on also recently featured on Dr. Oz’s Show.
  • On Average, Patients Lost Measurable Fat Reduction Immediately After their 1st Treatment.

"I was surprised how comfortable the treatments were...very relaxing, and a friendly staff."–Tiffany S.

Body Contouring of Las Vegas helped me get amazing fast results on my body. I went into the clinic and had a very professional consultation to find out what I wanted and to make sure I had no serious health problems. My first treatment was simple & pain free. It surprised my that I felt absolutely no pain. All the other fat reduction procedures I heard about like lipo and the freezing fat treatments all came with painful procedures. The treatment procedure was very similiar to getting an ultrasound checkup when I was pregnant. It was very relaxing & felt very comfortable with the friendly Woman who is a Licensed Aesthetician Technician. She answered a couple questions I had. It lasted 60 minutes for both treatments. I noticed a big difference with the stretch marks on my stomach. Before the treatment they were much more wrinkly and saggy. Now they are smoother! When I got home my husband was shocked at how much tighter the skin on my stomach looked. He even comments on how tight the skin feels when he touches it. Combined together; all of these fabulous new technologies really work, and I have recommended Body Contouring of LV to many of my friends. I am very pleased with these results!"–Jessica T. Las Vegas, NV